These users have updated their data, therapies, drugs, PSA values and stories concerning their prostate cancer:

19.12.2014 pl richard PSA values
11.12.2014 t SteveT PSA values
usa Dan Kasper My Story
25.11.2014 usa Dan Kasper PSA values
24.11.2014 usa Roger Carnell My Story
15.11.2014 gb AllenR PSA values My Story
02.11.2014 usa Don_R PSA values My Story
23.10.2014 aus LesB1947 Treatments PSA values My Story
e Luis1945 PSA values My Story
15.10.2014 aus HorstKG PSA values
14.10.2014 t SteveT My Story
27.09.2014 aus Mike McInerney My Basic Data
25.09.2014 usa Dan Kasper PSA values
f Markusha Drugs PSA values My Story
24.09.2014 usa Dan Kasper My Basic Data PSA values
15.09.2014 usa Dan Kasper My Basic Data PSA values My Story
12.09.2014 usa Don_R PSA values My Story
09.09.2014 t SteveT PSA values My Story
25.08.2014 usa Don_R PSA values My Story
22.08.2014 usa JPW1944 PSA values

What the website offers you:

  • Exchange of personal reports among patients with prostate cancer.
  • Standardized presentation of important data of the course of prostate cancer disease such as PSA levels, PSA doubling times, selected therapies, side effects of treatments and drugs etc.
  • Simple recording of your own medical history including graphical presentation of PSA-evolution and other values.
  • Fast search and selection options of medical reports by means of PSA values, Gleason scores, forms of therapy etc.
  • Listing of the side effects of treatments, therapies and drugs

What the website does not want to be:

  • This website does not want to be a forum. Reports are not commented. Various forums do already exist (see links).
  • This website will not give recommendations of any kind for therapies and drugs to prevent or fight prostate cancer.
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