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Personal data

Visible name: tommofo
Ctry: United States of America
State/Province: Michigan
Year of birth: 1952
Age: 67
Occupation: Auto Body trades
Hobbies: hunting landscapeing
My Website:

Data at initial diagnosis

Date: 08.06.2004
Age at diagnosis: 51
PSA: 18.10
Biopsied? Yes
Gleason Score: 4 + 4 = 8
TNM-Stages: t 2 mo

Maximum measured prostate volume

Date: 01.05.2005
PSA: 15.30
Volume in ml or cm³: 24 cm

Postoperative pathological data

Date: 01.09.2005
Gleason Score: 4 + 4 = 8
pTNM-classification: t o mo
Margins: negit
p-L-V-P-G-Findings: 4+4=8
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Prostate cancer treatments

** PSA level at the start of the treatment
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NEM = Nutritional supplement
from to Medication Quantity / unit of time
Quantity per D / M / Y etc.

PSA-History    ng/ml    logarithmic

PSA-History    ng/ml    linear

PSA doubling times in years

Doubling time is greater than previous period.
Doubling time is smaller than previous period.
* Calculated backwards for 1, 2, 4 and 8 periods.

Limit = 3 years

Calculation of doubling times in days

Doubling time in years:
Doubling time in days:
Date PSA 1* 2* 4* 8*
06.04.03 4.60
02.08.04 18.10 0.67
05.01.05 15.30 -- 1.01
03.03.05 0.00
10.05.05 0.00
Date PSA 1* 2* 4* 8*

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Personal stories

14.11.2011 0.00 10.05.05
My yearly doctor's visit went without any fanfar until my psa came back a bit high. The score was up to 5.1 and i was to go have an ultrasound . The resluts were not clear so i was told to come back in 4 months to have another psa test. I did not see that on the bottom of the page and did not go back for another psa until 11 months later.
My doctor saw the resluts and sent me to a urolegst with a score of 18.1! This doctor could not believe how fast the psa went up. At that point i new i was in trouble.The biopsi proved positive with wit 10 of the 12 cores taken .
The gleason score was set at 4+4=8. The best hospital in the area was the U of M hospital in Ann Arbor Mich I saw the best Doctor there and she tole me because of my age they were going to be very agressive with treatment. The first thing i was to go on was chemo two kinds at once.I took zolata and taxotere at the same time, most of the side affects were nail loss hair loss trouble with vision bloody nose, hartburn, mothsores. Oh well they said they were going to be very agressive. I was in very good shape going in to this so they thought i could take it.
Rp followed the chemo and it was open surgury due to the high gleason and psa score.The doc. said everything went well and looked good, no spread of the cancer.The lymph node biopsi was negitive also. The psa dropped after the operation to '0' and did not rise until 6months after surgury. When it got up to5.2 i was told i had to have raditation. I was not for this treatment because i had heard it was not verry sucessful . Just as i thought it did not work and my psa started to rise only one month after raditiation.