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Personal data - diagnosis

Personal data

Visible name: Canavar
Ctry: Deutschland
State/Province: BaWü
Year of birth: 1967
Age: 51
Occupation: Projektmanager
My Website:

Data at initial diagnosis

Date: 27.09.2011
Age at diagnosis: 43
PSA: 4.95
Biopsied? Yes
Gleason Score: 4 + 3 = 7b
TNM-Stages: pT2c pN0 M0

Maximum measured prostate volume

Date: 10.11.2011
PSA: 4.15
Volume in ml or cm³: 25 gramm

Postoperative pathological data

Date: 10.11.2011
Gleason Score: 4 + 3 = 7b
pTNM-classification: TT2c pN0 M0
Margins: R0
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Prostate cancer treatments

** PSA level at the start of the treatment
from to PSA** Type Clinic City
26.10.11 09.11.11 4.95 DaVinci SLK Heilbronn


NEM = Nutritional supplement
from to Medication Quantity / unit of time
12.06.12 DHEA 100mg/Tag wegen niedrigen Testo Wert
05.08.12 Cialis 5mg Täglich wegen IPP
Quantity per D / M / Y etc.