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04.11.2012 71.40 28.10.12
I knew something was wrong and went to see the Urologist, after not seeing any doctor in the past 3 1/2 years. The news was not good. DRE indicated a mass, and biopsy confirmed PSA 71.4 and stage 4 G 7 prostate Cancer.
15.11.2012 71.40 28.10.12
My first Lupron shot
15.11.2012 71.40 28.10.12
Results of MRI bone scan from prior week indicate spread, Metastasized, bone mets on several spots, rib, leg and pelvis. Kind of devastating news. We took our Pastor with us for consultation. He told us that was a Doctors report, like the kind he had received four time before about his two strokes and two heart attacks. The Doctors told him he probably not live for two more years. That was 18 years ago! He told us to Keep that Faith and believe on the Lords report for healing. And that is what we are going to do!
29.11.2012 71.40 28.10.12
Decided to go to Cancer Treatment Center of America, near Phoenix Arizona. Thank God I have a job and Cigna Insurance, they accept. I am very pleased about my initial treatment here, I was picked up at the airport in a Limo for our three day stay. I saw to oncologist, a radiation Specialist, a urologist, a Nutritionist, a Naturopathic Clinician, and the entire process was encouraging. Had a new Cat Scan, Lab test results came in two hours. I have a plan of treatment for continued Hormone treatments for now.
03.11.2014 0.06 03.11.14
My PSA was rising again, at 5.26 on August 3,2014, Started Zytiga, and 13 weeks later my PSA is now at 0.064(nearly undetectable!!!) I am feeling no bone pains and have not missed any work all this time for the past two years. Still going strong. I have to get my cholesterol down it is way too high at 325, triglycerides are 400. Diet and exercise are very important for me now. It is hard for me to do but I know I must.
23.03.2015 0.06 23.03.15
Zytiga is working great with very little side effects, just slight fatique at times. My PSA is now undetectable (less than0.06) for the 8th month in a row. I feel blessed ,as I am feeling great, and the Zytiga is working for me more than for most.

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