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28.03.2017 4.00 16.03.17
In 2009 I started Testosterone Replacement Therapy. My PSA was .06 in 2009. In three years it jumped to 2.9. I did not have a biopsy done until 2017 and was found to have Gleason score 6 PC. Needless to say, I now question if the therapy was the kickstart to my cancer, however they have no studies to prove that. One interesting read was in the Forbes Feb 27, 2017 where the man who mapped the human genome has found a possible genetic link between the number of androgen receptor repeats and the propensity of PC. Very interesting for sure. Anyway...

Met with Urologist and Radiology Oncologist from Memorial Sloan Kettering and they ordered an MRI. Based on these results we will determine next step of either Stereotactic Hypofractionated Accelerated Radiation Therapy (SHARP) or surgery to remove. They say both have similar side effects. Based on the location and placement of the nerves, I will make some decision since it appears that "Active Surveillance" is not the best option for someone in their 50s.
15.03.2018 3.80 20.02.18
Had my second biopsy on 3/5/18 at MSK. Although my PSA has dropped to 3.8 which was lower than prior to my first biopsy, the results came back that I was now at a Gleason score of 7. I am still very resistant to have radiation or have it removed yet, so I have decided to see if I can get into the TOOKAD Soluable clinical trial. More to come after my next MRI and appointment with one of the doctors involved in the trial.
18.06.2018 3.90 18.06.18
I was accepted into the vascular-targeted photodynamic therapy (VTP) clinical trail and had my treatment on 6.18.18. After 7 days of recovery I am feeling much better. Most of my issues were with bladder spasms and catheter issues, still feeling the burn.

I will be going back for a three month biopsy and that will be the test to determine if the cancer is gone. fingers crossed.