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20.11.2014 - -
PSA 1/2013 was 3.6, DRE normal.
PSA 8/2014 was 5.5, DRE normal.

Was sent to Urologist for biopsy. Only thing we remember is the word “CANCER”.

Retropubic Prostatectomy 11/20/2014. My age 55.
On the table for approximately 5.5 hours. Came out with a scratched cornea from an eyelash being turned under during surgery. That was extra pain and suffering.
Pathology from surgery:
Gleason 3+4=7, Tertiary Pattern 5 (15%)
Tumor size: 30x 24x 12 mm
Extraprostatic extension present nonfocal (established, extensive) right and left posterior
Seminal vesicles present, bilateral
Positive margins, multifocal, Apical, Postero-lateral
Perineural invasion Yes
Lymphatic/vascular invasion, Not identified.
Lymph nodes, Negative, pN0
19 lymph nodes extracted were negative
Tumor t3b
PSA <.1

12/02/2014 Cystogram, JP and Foley removal. Free at last, free at last.
Cialis 5mg per day. ED not good. Incontinence mild.
06.01.2015 - -
External Beam Radiation 1/2015
We started this before any significant rise in PSA. “Just sanitizing the area”.
01/06 Targeting day
Going to work every day with trip to cancer center in the afternoon.
01/18 Peed a little blood today
01/27 Bladder Spasm. Started taking over-the counter “AZO”
02/02 Feel the burn
02/16 A--hole hurts. Felt like prolapse during a BM. Got suppositories for that.
02/22-26 Coughed and really hurt, Very tired all the time now.
03/01 Got Shingles on left buttocks. That stuff hurts. Got some capsules to take for it.
PSA .1
Viagra 100 mg as needed. Works adequately for ED. Incontinence, 1 pad per day

2017 Current PSA .1. Viagra still works. Stress incontinence, 1 pad per day. I sometimes lose a large load.
09.10.2017 - -
PSA remains steady at 0.1